12th IOFTC Poomsae Divisions

The Poomsae Competition follows WTF rules.  The chart below details the Poomsae designated for each division.  Each division is open to Men and Women at least 12 years old*.

Each competitor should be familiar with the complete WTF & USA Taekwondo Poomsae Competition Rules (PDF)

Official Uniform: Competitors may wear any color or white uniform

Also take advantage of the great Sport Poomsae Seminar


White, Yellow 10,9,8,7 Taeguk 1 (Il Jang) OR Taeguk 2 (Ee Jang) Must Choose ONE
Green,  Blue 6,5,4,3 Taeguk 3 (Sam Jang) OR Taeguk 4 (Sa Jang) OR Taeguk 5 (Oh Jang) OR Taeguk 6 (Yook Jang) Must Choose ONE
Red 2,1 Taeguk 7 (Chi Jang) OR Taeguk 8 (Pal Jang) Must Choose ONE
Black Belt 1st Dan Koryo & Taeguk 5 (Oh Jang) Must do BOTH
Black Belt 2nd Dan Keumgang & Taeguk 6 (Yook Jang) Must do BOTH
Black Belt 3rd Dan Taebaek & Taeguk 7 (Chi Jang) Must do BOTH
Black Belt 4th Dan Pyongwon &  Taeguk 8 (Pal Jang) Must do BOTH
Black Belt 5th Dan Shipjin & Koryo Must do BOTH
Black Belt 6th Dan

Jitae & Keumgang

Must do BOTH
Black Belt 7th Dan Chonkwon & Taebaek Must do BOTH


*Under WTF rules, age is determined on December 31st of the year of the competition.  Thus a competitor may be 11 years old at the time of the competition.


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