Nepalese ReBuild - Helping Nepal Recover

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IOFTC has deep roots in Nepal - the first IOFTC was held in Nepal, and we've been back several times since. Nepal has also sent teams to most of the other championships. Although the IOFTC is not a development, or a recovery, organization we are a friendship organization – and friends can help friends when an earthquake devastates a country. So the IOFTC has created Nepalese Rebuild for the explicit purpose of raising money to help Nepal. Initial funds were directed to MercyCorps, an established aid organization with a presence in Nepal. Subsequent funds will be directed to organizations and areas that can do the most with the funds. To ensure the funds are well used, IOFTC founder Master Diwakar "Dan" Maharjan will be visiting Nepal soon. For more information and ways to help, please visit Nepalese ReBuild.


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